This book and the materials on this website are not to be construed as legal advice.

As a lawyer, using legal counsel - when necessary - will always be something I encourage.  The purpose of this book however, is to enable you the reader, whether you are an executive at an established fashion brand considering an expansion from your niche market, or a young brand just starting out, to consider ways in which it can educate itself around the legalities a fashion business must be aware of and comply with.   Not only will obtaining this background help you with strategizing next steps for your own business, but it also helps to make your time with your attorney more effective and efficient as more time is spent on devising solutions with counsel as opposed to time (and money) spent on their educating you as the client.


This book and the materials on this website provide information for you to learn more about the legal mandates your fashion business may need to comply with, together with resources to enable you to accomplish these tasks, be it a registration, filing, or otherwise.  It also sets out the risks that accompany non-compliance of the laws so that educated assessments of risk can be calculated and of course, your ability to avoid wrongdoing, and hence, costly risks, may be minimized or eliminated.  This book and the materials on this website are not to be construed as legal advice and consultation with counsel in relation to legal matters is recommended.

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