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Writing a Book for "The People"

Five years ago when I first put pen to paper and began sketching out this book, its purpose was twofold. First, I wanted to create a book “for the people,” as opposed to a text strictly for lawyers. Despite it being about fashion law, the end game was to create a book that a person either already engaged in, or seeking to engage in, a fashion business could comprehend and immediately utilize by providing a reader with a straightforward understanding of the law with limited legalese. The result would ideally be that they could now actually apply the law to their own business, whether if trying to make sense of a basic garment labeling issue, or...  click here to read more.

Lawyer | Professor

I am the Principal and Managing Attorney of the Clark-Esposito Law Firm, P.C. in New York City whose practice areas cover fashion, international trade (imports | exports | logistics), transportation and other legal matters. I am an Executive Member of Fashion Group International (NY) and the President of the New York chapter of the Organization of Women in International Trade. I have taught at NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in its International Trade & Marketing Dept., LIM College in its Graduate Studies Program, and at Baruch College. I love addressing audiences and am an avid presenter having presented in the last several years at the Fashionindex/LIM College Sustainable Fashion Summit, for the US Small Business Administration, and for a NYC based group of Etsy sellers. I'm a native of San Francisco and reside in New York City.  More information may be found at


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